SUPER is SUPERb, SUPERlative, SUPEReminent


Upendra’s aka UPPI directorial comeback(after 10 years) SUPER is what my title says. Its a typical UPPI directorial movie. There was a huge expectation from kannada movie audience for Super. There was a lot of buildup starting from the title of the movie(It is popularly called as SUPER by media & audience), actually depending on the interpertation of the movie audience can name it whatever they want. I would like to name it as ‘SUPER POWER’ as movie is about India becoming a SUPER POWER in 2030, then movie launch, movie’s lead actress Nayanthara(First outing in kannada movie), movie’s budget, Rockline productions 25th movie, audio launch & forming a team called SUPER to check piracy of movie songs & of course songs.

As all the fans of UPPI, I was waiting with bated breath for the songs & movie release. Just a few days after the music launch I listened to the songs & felt they are not good. Few songs were passable, songs were definitely not upto audiences expectations & UPPIs talent(he has written so many wonderful songs for his earlier movies). I discussed about the songs with my friends some called it pedestrian & few told after watching the movie I might like it(thats what happened with me).

As the days started nearing the release I was very apprehensive about the movie’s success & audience’s reaction towards the movie. I was feeling that it’ll be a flop going by the songs & the 10 year hiatus that UPPI had taken from direction (In one of the interviews UPPI himself says that there was a period of time where he himself felt that he might not be able to direct anymore).

Atlast the release day came i.e (03/12/2010) & I wanted to watch the movie on first day. So few of my friends & I went for the movie on first day itself. We were all discussing about what the movie might be, I didn’t read any reviews as I wanted the movie to be a complete suprise but it was not a total suprise as one of my colleagues spilled the beans about the plot.

Me & my friends were waiting for the movie to start & it was supposed to start @ 9:15pm but got delayed by 15mins, so atlast it started @ 9:30pm.

Right from the starting rolling credits till the ending rolling credits it was just UPPIs magic (what a great talent he is for kannada movie industry). Movie started with acknowledgements to media, friends, financiers,etc as the names were rolling on the top left hand corner of the screen there were funny comments in kannada like please thegolli (please accept our acknowlegements), navvu kodthane irthivi nivvu thegolthane iri (We’ll keep giving acknowledgements you keep on accepting them).

Then visuals started coming with a pre-indpendence India map in the background & movie title i.e Vitarka mudra(is known as “mudra of discussion” is the gesture of discussion and transmission of Buddhist teaching, movie is definitely about teachings/preachings but not Buddhist it is UPPIs) on front with a voice narrating about the glorious period of Indian history. I was unable to identify the voice artist but my friend identified it in a second, the voice artist was none other than Yograj Bhat (another good director). First few minutes went in narrating Indian history, to me it sounded a bit like some Hindu organisations video. The narration ended with Yograj calling all the Indian citizens Sathpraje which actually means Good citizens but the way he pronounced it sounded like dead citizens as stressing Sath a bit means dead in kannada. Sathpraje dialogue was uttered many times in the movie by UPPI also.

After singing peans of Indian history, movie continued with showing the filth in our very own K R Market in the background and Main credits rolling in the foreground. Movie was presented to Good citizens of India, here again UPPIs creativity was on display when his name appeared on the screen a beggar takes a fedora hat and puts on his head ala in ‘A’ (UPPIs first movie as lead actor) people started whistling thinking that might be the entry scene, but it wasn’t, as everytime people thought it might be the entry scene it was not to be.

Main credits were really funny first UPPIs name appeared with ‘The Re Ilu star’ which means a semi crack star (in kannada), he is popularly known as Real Star for kannada movie audience. For music director Harikrishna it was Music Die rector, etc @ the end name of the director appeared as U with the Vitarka mudra symbol changing to a pointed finger after few seconds directors name was completed as Upendra.

From the current year 2010 movie zoomed to 2030 just like in ‘Rakthakaneeru’ (where from the current year movie goes back to 1950), there are many scenes in the movie which reminds audiences of his earlier hits. In year 2030 Bengaluru & Mysuru are shown as futuristic cities and Indians as very wealthy people. Americans & European people are shown as cabbie, janitor & even as beggars asking for 50 paise as alms. A historian comes to Mysuru he’ll be having a monologue about India & Indians richness & poor condition of foriegners just like how Huan Tsang a chinese historian who came to Sri Krishnadevaraya’s court in Vijayanagar Empire is said to have written in his travelogues. Historian then goes to meet a person named as Lal Bahadhur Shastri (played by UPPIs father) a Indian historian to know about the reasons behind India’s transformation. Lal Bahadhur Shastri’s wife character is played by UPPIs mother, I couldn’t identify both of them but my friend did it in a second as in the previous occassion. There are many more special appearances throught out the movie like Popular telugu & tamil movie villian Jeeva plays the character of a cop, his punch dialogue in the movie is “I’m not for sale”. Rockline venkatesh, producer of the movie plays the character of a folk artiste, Dance director Imran Sardaria plays Jinnah, UPPIs London based friend. Telugu movie comedian Ali along with Sadhu kokila play cheddy brothers (a jibe on famous Reddy brothers of Bellary), Tulip joshi (famous for playing lead actress role in Mere Yaar ki Shaadi hain) plays character of Mandira sister of Indira (Nayanthara).

While explaining about the reasons for India’s transformation he says that it was all possible just because of a single man. Then movie comes back to the current year. Here the entry of UPPI happens in similar fashion as that of Shivanna’s entry in ‘OM'(kannada cult classic). Nayanthara keeps uttering “I love you, You must love me” OM’s haunting theme music. UPPIs entry is really fantastic a few men dressed as superheros come in sports bike then our hero steps out of a BMW 7 series with a bunch of roses in the hand & Come on Come on Director song (written by V Manohar & sung by Rahul Nambiar) playing in the background.

Story begins from here on about who is the person responsible for India’s transformation, who is UPPI & his background. Movie plot is really creative & fit for UPPIs directorial comeback. There are many scenes in the movie which are very funny & audience get a lot of chance to laugh their heart out.

As in many of UPPIs directorial movies heroine (Nayanthara) has grey shades in this also. In one of the scenes when Nayanthara asks rowdies to finish off UPPI, in this scene UPPIs dialogue delivery is same as in ‘A’. Reason behind Nayanthara’s grudge against UPPI is also similar to Prema’s character in ‘OM’. In ‘OM’ Prema hates Shivanna & wants to take revenge on him to avenge her brother’s death, in SUPER Nayanthara wants to take revenge on UPPI for her sister’s vegetative state.

UPPI has taken a lot of indirect jibes on current political situation in Karnataka, like resort politics, mine business, switching of the loyalty by MLAs for few crore rupees. Whenever politicians are shown background score has donkey braying & horse neighing sound to show that our politicians are like horses & donkeys who can be bought & sold easily.

UPPI has literally shown journalists negatively, to convey his point he shows a journalist character in negative film mode i.e the character is not shown in flesh & blood but just as a photo film negative.

Just like in his earlier movie ‘H2O’ where he compared the character of heroine with River Kaveri, here also he compares the heroine character with the state of Karnataka & he has done that really amazingly. The parallelism he shows in the last few minutes of the movie is superlative here UPPIs character tries to rape Nayanthara even though he is married to her & in another scene he shows all the MLA’s indulging in resort politics & looting the state of its wealth. In another scene he shows the cause behind Tulip joshi’s vegetative condition & parallely shows that Karnataka is also in vegetative or coma state. Finally Nayanthara gets to know the real reason behind her sister’s condition, her sister Tulip Joshi becomes normal, UPPI & Nayanthara reconcile & stay happily, simultaneously he shows that Karnataka becomes a prosperous & a peaceful state.

There are many creative scenes in the movie like the reality show UPPIs character organises in London on the day of India’s Independence to take revenge on Britishers for ruling India, a funny scene in which he cuts the skin of Sadhu Kokila & puts Indian soil & London soil on it to show the difference between the two, The scene where a old man inspired by ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai’ resorts to Gandhigiri to get his pension but it backfires. UPPIs character becoming ultra modern to impress Nayanthara & the dialogue baaji in that scene. Hairdos in Look at the style song (written by UPPI), Many dialogue baajis in the movie like when he sarcastically praises Indians attitude towards everything, His solution for India’s progress, Bengaluru & Mysuru in 2030, CM of Karnataka in 2030 swiping a smart card on his laptop to book a taxi for the foriegn historian, Next Gen Video conferencing between UPPI & Jeeva, Corporatisation of Rowdyism, Rowdies applying for a job with resumes in UPPIs rowdy firm & Rowdy candidates selection process, abuses of rowdies in english like your mothers, your sisters (funny translation of kannada slangs)

Names of the characters are very imaginative UPPIs character is called Subash Chandra Gandhi, Nayanthara is Indira, Tulip Joshi is Mandira, Sadhu kokila & Ali are Cheddy brothers, CM name is Rod Ramaswamy, old man is Sambhashiv Rao alias Thata alias Mestru, Imran is Jinnah, Indian historian is Lal Bahadur Shastri, Rowdies are Handi, Pune.

Story, screenplay & dialogues are by UPPI, cinematography by Ashok Kashyap(Just like in UPPIs other movies camera is not completely still here also) & music by Harikrishna is really SUPERb. Songs are written by V Manohar(Come on come on director), Yograj Bhat (Sikkapatte Istappate) this song reminds me of Dililde love madokke agolve song from ‘H20’, UPPI(Look at his style, Eri mele Eri,Kayi kayi Uppinakayi), first few lines of Eri mele Eri song reminds one of Hamsalekha’s song Illkal seere utkondu in ‘Hallimestru’. All the artistes & technicians have done a great job, Nayanthara looks gorgeous.

Overall its a wonderful film, every scene is creative except for some of the scenes which reminds of his earlier movies most of them are unique & a proof of UPPIs talent & genius.

WOW what a movie, simply SUPERRRRRRRR.

3 responses to “SUPER is SUPERb, SUPERlative, SUPEReminent

  1. Good review Karthik.
    You have covered all aspects in details.
    Lets hope the movie becomes a hit.

    I suggest you write more reviews and other articles.

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